Glynn Trebble

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We would me more than happy to provide a testimony for you new website. Please feel free to use the below, let me know if you want anything changed or added. I have also attached our logo for use on the website.

“We first met Rob (name changed for confidentiality reasons) at the beginning of September. After renting a flat locally for the last few years he had been asked to leave. At this point he had also been told that his dog would have to be put down so was in a very emotional state.

We were able to arrange StreetVet to come out and meet Rob and his dog at our Support Centre. Jade was extremely professional and compassionate; being able to meet the medical needs of the dog but also work with Rob to look at other accommodation options.

 Thankfully, Rob found accommodation for both him and his dog and the dog no longer needed to be put down. We can’t thank StreetVet’s swift intervention enough and would highly recommend them. It’s great to work in partnership with such passionate people.”


Glynn Trebble Rough Sleeping Prevention Service Manager October 6, 2017