StreetVet ambassador and presenter Paul O’Grady receives an exclusive portrait from illustrator Hercule Van Wolfwinkle


Illustrator and campaigner Hercule Van Wolfwinkle has launched a new donation platform which helps to support national charity, StreetVet. StreetVet is a charity that offers free vet care for pets belonging to those experiencing homelessness and has recently launched their Accredited Hostel Scheme. The scheme aims to ensure that owners experiencing homelessness don’t have to choose between accommodation and their pets.

Phil Heckels, working under the alias of Hercule van Wolfwinkle, began drawing self-proclaimed ‘rubbish’ portraits of people’s pets for commission in 2020. Funds previously raised from the drawings have been donated to Worthing’s local homeless charity, Turning Tides, but now people will also have the opportunity to donate to StreetVet.

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To launch his new support for StreetVet, Hercule Van Wolfwinkle has revealed an exclusive portrait of StreetVet ambassador and TV presenter, Paul O’Grady’s 4 dogs – Conchita, Eddie, Arfur and Nancy. Hercule received his first customer-written review from Paul, and it was a scathing one: “My dogs weren’t in the least bit amused by this image of them. Eddie is hell bent on revenge and Conchita was so distressed she’s considering joining Weight Watchers.”

As of the 4th October, those requesting an imperfect portrait of their pet can choose to donate their commission cost to StreetVet, to support its work in keeping those experiencing homelessness and their pets, healthy and together. Funds donated from the portraits will support the essential veterinary care offered by StreetVet, including providing pet provisions, in-surgery diagnostics, and other crucial support services.


Jade Statt, StreetVet co-founder and Clinical Director, said: “Hercule’s portrait is hilarious, albeit slightly unfair to poor Conchita, but his interpretations never fail to make me chuckle.  Having Hercule choose to support StreetVet is a massive boost  –  we know his involvement will help raise awareness, funds and hopefully many smiles”

Paul O’Grady said, “The collaboration with Hercule and StreetVet is truly a match made in heaven.  The funds raised are going to help Jade and the StreetVet team to care for more pets, which in itself is priceless.”

Artist Phil Heckels said: “The amazing community who follow my work have been so generous in their support of the fundraising to date and I am so happy to be able to offer people the chance to now donate to StreetVet as well as Turning Tides. A lot of them are big animal lovers so I know it will be a charity close to all their hearts. Knowing the money is going even further to help those experiencing homelessness and their beloved pets is brilliant.”


Photo credit: Hercule van Wolfwinkle

Photo caption: StreetVet ambassador and presenter Paul O’Grady receives an exclusive portrait from illustrator Hercule Van Wolfwinkle, to celebrate the new partnership between the artist and national homeless veterinary charity, StreetVet.




Notes for editors

About StreetVet

JADE STATT, VET AND CO-FOUNDER OF CHARITY, StreetVet, Jade qualified as a vet from Glasgow Vet School in 2002 and co-founded StreetVet with Sam Joseph in 2016. A chance meeting with a homeless man and his dog inspired her to take vet care out to the people and pets that need it most. StreetVet operates in: London, Brighton, Bristol, Cambridge, Plymouth, Southampton, Birmingham, Cornwall, Peterborough, Swansea, Lincoln, Gloucester, Glasgow, Reading, Bournemouth, Norwich and Aberdeen. The charity has begun to roll out their Accredited Hostel Scheme, which enables hostels to accept residents with their pets by offering free, accessible veterinary care, as well as support for hostel managers and staff to adopt and implement positive pet policies. Currently many people experiencing homelessness face the impossible choice between a roof over their heads or giving up their beloved pet.


About Hercule Van Wolfwinkle

During 2020, Phil Heckels who works under the pseudonym Hercule Van Wolwinkle, began drawing humorous illustrations of people’s pets after posting his first doodle of his own dog on Facebook, jovially offering to draw others for commission to then be donated to charity. After smashing his initial target of £299 for local homelessness charity Turning Tides in Worthing, Hercule raised an incredible £100,000 for those experiencing homelessness. Hercule has established infamous customer reviews, detailing the offence and hilarity his portraits evoke in pet owners, as well as merchandise and calendar ranges. Hercule Van Wolfwinkle is delighted to be able to support StreetVet in delivering their vital services.