Jade and Sam were extremely proud to announce that StreetVet became a charity in early 2019 after several years of hard work. This has boosted our public profile, opened new revenues of funding and allowed Jade to devote more working hours to the running of the organisation.  StreetVet strives to remain transparent so that supporters understand the work we do and where their donations go.  In order to maintain the integrity and smooth running of StreetVet we have appointed a board of talented and experienced trustees.  The trustees volunteer their time to guide and develop the charity into the future, ensuring funds are spent wisely and that animal and human welfare are at the forefront of all that we do.

Jade Statt

The concept of StreetVet was born when I met a homeless man and his dog on a night out in London.  He talked to me about his unconditional love for his dog and his fear of losing her. Having recently lost my own dog Oakley, his worries resonated with me.  Overwhelmingly I kept thinking “how would I feel if this was Oakley”.  I set up StreetVet as a way to manage my grief and pay tribute to our unyielding bond. 

With a backpack of medications and a stethoscope I started “StreetVetting” in October 2016.  What started as a pilot scheme was before long featured on ITV news, BBC trending, Vet press and multiple pet magazines. It was clear there was a real need for this service.  My long term aim was to get other vets involved and create a network of StreetVets across the UK.  When I met like-minded vet Sam Joseph, we officially founded StreetVet in 2017. 

The StreetVet journey has been an exponential success, so when StreetVet became a charity in January 2019, the decision was made for me to take on a more full time post as CEO.  This has proven to be both challenging and rewarding and I am excited to see StreetVet continue to grow with the incredible support of the public and my profession. 

Sam Joseph

Like many other vets and vet nurses, when I came across a person experiencing homelessness who had a pet, I wished that there was something I could do to use my skill set to help.  So, one evening in Bristol in 2015 I decided to go out with my stethoscope in search of a few dogs to check over and to have a chat with their owners. What stuck with me after meeting a few people that night was how strong the bond was between them and their dogs and how much they valued some veterinary advice.

After graduating and moving back to London I decided to try and create a more sustainable and structured way to provide a veterinary service for these pets.  Together with some vet friends we visited a number of homeless people in North London with worming tablets and a bag of veterinary supplies.  After going out a few times in London, I met Jade in April 2017. Jade had been doing the same thing in Westminster, coincidently operating under the same name.  That was when StreetVet was born! Since then we have been working together, assisted along the way by our amazing team of volunteers, to try to marry the passion and willingness of veterinary practitioners with the need for veterinary care for homeless people’s dogs. 

I became a trustee when StreetVet registered as a charity in January 2019 and I am enjoying learning about charity governance and strategy as well as managing the occasional bit of “streetvetting”.

With teamwork and collaboration, I think that it is entirely feasible to check over and treat every homeless person’s dog in the country and, in doing so, make a small difference to the lives of some of the country’s most vulnerable people.

Rebecca Maynard 

I have spent 20 years working and volunteering in the non-profit sector with the last 10 focused on international development and disaster relief. My main focus as a director was on fundraising and communications but I have also been heavily involved in service delivery. 

Most recently I was taken on to be part of a small team setting up disaster relief charity Team Rubicon UK as Director of Development. This role included development of financial and legal compliance, policies, risk management, training, recruitment and development of a fundraising strategy. I am currently studying for a Masters degree in disaster management. 

I have volunteered for homeless charities regularly over the last 15 years and I often look after my friends’ dogs since losing my own Labrador, Millie.

I read about StreetVet in a BBC article in the run up to Christmas 2017 and was so pleased to read that Sam and Jade has come up with such a simple solution to one of the huge challenges faced by those who, for whatever reason, have found themselves without a home. Having been a dog owner I know the companionship and non-judgemental love that a pet can bring, but also the cost of ensuring their health and well-being.

I donated to StreetVet as an “in kind” Christmas present and emailed the address on the website offering to give a hand with fundraising in the future if they decided to register as a charity. A month later I got a call asking if I would consider helping register the organisation as a charity and after working with Jade, Sam, fellow trustees and with lots of support from other volunteers we were awarded charitable status.

I’ve been grateful and privileged to accompany the Southampton team on outreaches to see just what a difference the charity makes to people and their pets, and also to meet the inspirational volunteers who give their time and expertise.

Sian Thornthwaite

I’m a transport engineer by training (with my PhD specialising in children’s transport and safety).  I also have a legal and management background and, until recently worked, in senior management consultancy roles in the UK and overseas including the Middle East, US and EU.  Alongside work, I’ve undertaken a range of voluntary work including 20 years as a youth and adult court magistrate and 10 years as a member of the Independent Monitoring Boards in two prisons.  I was also a trustee of the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies for six years.    

I moved to live in Northern Ireland two years ago, and now work part time for the Strategic Investment Board based in Belfast.  Having had beagles since I left university, I now have two hounds – one very elderly and the other a lively adolescent!    

My interest in StreetVet was prompted by seeing a piece on TV.  I contacted Jade offering to help, and a few months later – out of the blue – she called; and it’s been a privilege to support the organisation and meet its volunteers over the past twelve months.  

Neil Smith

I qualified as a vet in 1989. Since then I’ve had an eclectic career in the Army for the last 30 years and I am currently the Chief Vet. As part of my military role, I hold the appointment of Queen’s Honorary Veterinary Surgeon. 

I was a Trustee of the Blue Cross for 7 years, so I am familiar with the animal welfare charity sector.  I helped set up StreetVet Birmingham in June 2018, which is the largest ‘branch’ outside of London. 

StreetVet really chimes with many vets and vet nurses, helping improve the welfare of animals and supporting the human animal bond of a vulnerable group of society, and I’m keen to be part of the team.