A few veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses from the Birmingham area contacted StreetVet independently after hearing about the success of it in London. We all initially met at BSAVA Congress in Birmingham in April 2018 and went from there! After a couple of meetings we officially launched Birmingham StreetVet on Sunday 17th June 2018.

Like other StreetVet groups we are strongly supported by the local veterinary community.

There is part of the homeless community that have animals as their companions in Birmingham, we currently work with various charities – Homeless One  they provide us with a static site from where we can base ourselves regularly, letting the homeless community know we are there allows us to build a reliable reputation with them. In addition we make regular visits to one of the hostels in Birmingham, St Annes that offers accommodation to men that are homeless and have dogs as their trusted companions.


Support us locally

If you would like to support this StreetVet team specifically, please take a look at our Amazon wishlist, which we update with items our clients require to secure the everyday needs of their pets.


Volunteer with us

If you are interested in volunteering with StreetVet Birmingham, please fill in the Volunteer Expression of Interest Form