StreetVet is already attracting a huge amount of attention across both national and veterinary media. Below you can find some of the most recent articles about the work we do.

  1. Homelessness is a global problem, as is the bond between homeless people and their pets. Our work has caught the eye of the BBC World Service!
  2. “Vet teams up with hairdresser to help homeless and their dogs” – watch our latest video in The Mail Online!
  3. StreetVet’s friendly service has been recognised in The People’s Friend
  4. StreetVets #DoSomethingForNothing – as reported by The Independent
  5. “Forget men in capes and tights” – The Pet Gazette help us spread the word! (Please note that for a variety of reasons StreetVet is now an independent professional entity not affiliated with other organisations mentioned in this article)
  6. Back when we used to work with another organisation, two of our StreetVets were filmed in action by The Evening Standard!
  7. The Vet Record, the British Veterinary Association’s journal for the veterinary profession, has published a feature on StreetVet
  8. The birth of StreetVet has been featured in the Veterinary Times!
  9. Dog’s Monthly highlights the basic services StreetVet offer (please note that as the organisation has grown we have had to separate ourselves from veterinary service providers who initially supported our work described in this article)

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