StreetVet is a national charity established to make free veterinary care accessible to pet owners experiencing homelessness. Our teams of volunteer vets and RVNs provide community vet care at weekly scheduled stations on the streets and in community centres. Regular stations are scheduled on evenings or weekends and generally last 1-2 hours. During these we aim to provide any service which could normally be delivered on a home visit, working in solidarity with owners who typically manage to provide for their pets admirably well despite their difficult circumstances. By gradually building rapport with vulnerable owners while their pets are healthy we ensure they trust us with their pets’ care when they fall ill.

We are looking for volunteers who are:

• RCVS registered vets/RVNs eager to use their professional training to help others

• Able to commit a minimum of two hours each month

• Adaptable and resourceful team players

• Approachable, non-judgemental, friendly professionals

In return you will:

• Form part of a network of over 600 like-minded vets and RVNs in a vet-led charity

• Be provided with materials and systems of work to meet RCVS and VMD requirements

• Benefit from unique training opportunities some of which can count towards CPD

• Have rewarding opportunities to help dedicated and self-sacrificing pet owners

If you would like to learn more about StreetVet and enquire about volunteering, please email

We look forward to welcoming you into our team!