The Case of Buddy

At just 1 year of age, Buddy, a beautiful Belgian Shepherd dog had been through a terrible ordeal. He was involved in a horrific road traffic accident leaving him with multiple fractures to his hindlimbs and pelvis. Buddy’s owners, Kristian and Holly, were completely committed to doing everything they could to help Buddy. They raised funds themselves and received support from various charities so that Buddy could have surgery. But Buddy was not recovering as expected and his owner’s situation had worsened. It seemed that Buddy would never be able to walk normally or run again.

Jade first met Buddy when he and his owners were homeless and living in a tent in the woods. He had dramatically deteriorated. His weight had dropped by 5kg due to muscle wastage and he had completely lost the use of one leg. Jade made an instant connection with Buddy, who she describes as having “the sweetest most trusting temperament despite all the intervention he has had.” She knew immediately that StreetVet had to do something to help. With the assistance of Goddards Veterinary Group, Mandeville, and Dr Cat Arthurs (Towcester Veterinary Centre), further xrays were performed and it was agreed that Buddy needed a femoral head and neck incision to repair his injured hip joint. But that was just the start of Buddy’s treatment. A more intensive rehabilitation programme was essential and animal physiotherapist, Louise Carson, kindly volunteered to give Buddy a course of treatments during his post-operative period. Buddy had to effectively learn to use his back leg again as he had been carrying it for months. Oakwood Veterinary Surgery, Radlett provided ongoing hydrotherapy sessions to help build up his muscle mass and he has had several treadmill sessions at the Animal Rehabilitation Centre in Ware to improve his gait and posture.

Today Buddy is a different dog. He now lives in temporary accommodation with Kristian and Holly. Kristian says, “Without StreetVet, Buddy would never have walked again and now he is strong, happy and he can run around the field just like he used to”. His increase in muscle mass has boosted his weight from 23 to 31 kgs and he walks well on all four legs. Without StreetVet, Buddy would have spent the rest of his life on three legs and in considerable pain. StreetVet feel immensely proud of Buddy and his owners for their positivity and commitment to his rehabilitation. We are also extremely grateful to the amazing team of professionals that have helped him along his incredible journey of recovery.


Written by Roz Wright