Support StreetVet and Send our E–Christmas Card this Christmas

We are thrilled to announce that StreetVet has received an incredible gift this Christmas from graphic designer Ali Norden.  Ali has created a unique e-Christmas card that is beautifully illustrated and encompasses all that we stand for: kindness, empathy and supporting the human-animal bond that is so cherished in our homeless communities.

E-Christmas cards are very simple to use.  Follow the link below, select your preferred donation amount and you will then have access to send up to 100 e-cards. These are a wonderful way to send a Christmas message to family and friends.  Plus, going green and not sending paper cards has the benefit of reducing the environmental impact of Christmas which can only be a good thing! Our bespoke StreetVet card will also help spread awareness of the work we do and the message that homeless charities need support more than ever over the winter months.

Businesses are also welcome to send our e-Christmas card to partners and customers, or to family and friends through their employees.  It is a super-quick process to sign up and a great way to show your associates that you are giving something back to the community this Christmas.

Take a look at our inspiring and heart-warming Christmas card here: