Sue Perkins and Anna Richardson Announced as StreetVet Ambassadors

We are thrilled to introduce our two new StreetVet ambassadors:  comedian, presenter, writer and actor Sue Perkins and award winning writer and presenter Anna Richardson.

When Sue and Anna heard about StreetVet, they were intrigued by the concept and soon became keen to get involved.  Sue and Anna enjoy being surrounded by their own four-legged companions and understand the benefits of good veterinary care to both pet and owner.  Our StreetVet volunteers treat and advise on veterinary issues but we also listen to the owner and help them when we can too.  Sometimes just knowing that their pet is healthy is often a huge boost to the owner’s wellbeing.   This approach resonated with Sue and Anna who already actively support several mental health and homeless charities.

“Sue and Anna are both dedicated animal lovers and have first-hand experience of how powerful and valuable the human-animal bond can be. They have a long history of engagement with charitable causes and are passionate about homelessness, mental health and animal welfare. Their universal appeal and broad reach make them the perfect people to help spread the StreetVet word and we couldn’t be more excited to have them on board.’
Dr Sam Joseph, StreetVet Co-Founder

StreetVet feel hugely privileged to have the endorsement of Sue and Anna and are proud to welcome these strong and charismatic patrons into the StreetVet community.  We look forward to working with them both for many years to come.

“We are delighted to have been named as patrons for this remarkable charity which ensures that the companion animals of those experiencing homelessness get the vital veterinary care that they need and deserve.”   
Sue Perkins and Anna Richardson


Written by Roz Wright