MSD Lends Incredible Support to StreetVet Project

We here at StreetVet are feeling over the moon! buy ambien online PHARMAZONE a new place for buying ambien from Canadian online-shop. By Providing a Health Benefits MSD Animal Health has announced a new alliance with StreetVet, as part of the UK launch of its Bravecto® Care Programme. The Bravecto® Care Programme aims to save and improves lives of dogs and cats around the world – quite the mission! This aim includes collaborating with charitable organisations and raising awareness of their team’s mission, and StreetVet are hugely pleased to announce that we are the first are these partnerships in the UK.
Amanda Melvin, Marketing Manager for MSD Animal Health Companion Animal explains: “The bond between people and their dogs can be a profound one so supporting StreetVet is a perfect collaboration for us through our Bravecto® Care Programme . Every vet and vet nurse understands the value of this vital human animal bond and our team at MSD Animal Health is excited to be providing product and looking forward to volunteering on the streets with the StreetVet team.”
Jade Statt, co-founder of StreetVet, adds: “Life on the streets makes it difficult for these owners to access the care they need for their dogs, so to ensure the health and vitality of these pets we need to go to them. Having the support of MSD Animal Health helps make that care work easier and allows us to access even more homeless people as the problem grows.”
We look forward to seeing where this partnership can take us, and seeing the street dogs we see every week fully protected from fleas and ticks, completely free of charge.
Thank you MSD!