Goddard Vet Group Announce Incredible Support!

We are delighted to announce that StreetVet has been chosen as Goddard Vet Groups ‘Good Cause of the Year 2018’. Amazingly this means we will be receiving all their fundraising donations next year, and they have also offered us ten free clinical cases per year which of course is a massive bonus for us all here at StreetVet.

The Goddard Vet Group has been in operation for sixty years and has over 40 surgeries, three hospitals and even hydrotherapy equipment. They do laparoscopic surgeries, resulting in much smaller surgical incisions – of course much easier to manage when you have a recovering dog living on the streets, and have a great team of vets, specialists and nurses. We could not be more thrilled to be working with such a dedicated and talented vet group and we hope the partnership between our organisations will continue well into the future.

Thank you Goddard Vet Group!