A Blog from Sarah, StreetVet Bristol

On Saturday 9th June, Alix, Shelagh, Jaqueline and Sarah set out to see some of our regulars on the sunny streets of Bristol. We met Gypsy, and were finally able to give her the Tacrolimus which had been made up specially for her and had been waiting for a few weeks in our medicine kit.Her owners were very grateful for the help they’ve been receiving for Gypsy’s chronic dry eye. We stopped for a while to give Gypsy and her daughter Soph Soph their booster vaccinations and some cuddles as always – they love having their bellies tickled!

Next we headed to St James Park, our weekly meeting point. It was great to hear that word has been spreading about our regular outreach and we met with some of our patients whose owners had made the trip especially to meet with us. We caught up with Swift and Bruno, who were very happy to see us – that is, until we gave them their booster vaccinations and clipped their nails. Swift didn’t really appreciate that part, but she forgave us after a few treats and some belly rubs. We also said hello to Jack, who at 15 is still looking as sprightly as ever! His owner didn’t have any concerns but was desperate for a ball for Jack after he chewed up his last one. Unfortunately we’d run out of toys by then but we’ll hopefully be getting some more soon via our Amazon wishlist.
We’re all looking forward to our next outreach and welcoming new patients onto our books as word spreads about the work we’re doing!