StreetVet stations only last 1-3 hours and therefore unfortunately cannot be counted as EMS.

Due to the nature of our work, and to comply with our public liability insurance requirements, we must insist that our volunteers have their own professional indemnity insurance cover. Unfortunately only qualified vets and nurses are eligible for this cover so we are unable to allow students to volunteer at our stations. Nonetheless, many student groups have been able to organise fundraising events for StreetVet which helps us expand the services we are able to provide such that you can hopefully volunteer with us once you graduate!

StreetVet depends on the generosity of the general public. Although only registered vets and nurses can volunteer at our stations, there are a number of suggested ways you can get involved, as listed on our website. In addition, please do consider volunteering with a local soup kitchen or other homeless service provider, such as our partner organisation Streets Kitchen. We recognise that the care we are able to provide animals on the streets is only meaningful because of the unwavering commitment of their loving owners, who regularly make incredible sacrifices to prioritise their pets’ wellbeing. Although we can help keep their pets healthy and provide them with a safety net if they do fall ill, it’s important that we continue to support organisations that provide the basic essentials the owners themselves need.

As an RCVS-registered practice, StreetVet must comply with Veterinary Medicines Directorate regulations to ensure the safety and efficacy of the medications we provide. This means we can only accept in-date medications directly from wholesale-licensed distributors.

We are happy to receive enquiries from broadcasting companies