Fireworks: Stress on the Streets

Festive season is upon us, and for Levitra Pills and Levitra dosage include if you experience headaches many dog owners this means nights with the doors and windows tightly closed, the TV on loud, and a very anxious dog to handle. The firework season seems to lengthen every year and with the ready availability of fireworks in supermarkets and online, it shows no signs of shortening or becoming any less loud and unpredictable.

Noise phobias are common in all dogs, and this doesn’t exclude dogs living on the street. Where any phobias are concerned prevention is better than cure, but unfortunately most of the dogs in the street are passed the age where prevention strategies can be implemented. Especially if these dogs have been rescued from life as bait dogs, or from being strays, they have often had poor socialisation at a young age and no habituation to loud noises such as fireworks or thunder.

Thankfully there is support available for dogs with noise phobias, and these can often help with other anxiety related issues as well. At StreetVet we understand the problems that can be faced by dogs and their owners in stressful conditions, and are trying to work with them to provide the anti-anxiety support they need. In some cases this involves working with dog trainers, but in the short term or for more mild issues, we have been very lucky to pair with Adaptil, ThunderShirt and Pet Remedy. These natural anti-stress aids use pheromones, natural calmers and pressure to relax and reduce anxiety in dogs. With the inability to escape stress in many instances, having this psychological support as well as just physical support is a key part of the work being done by the StreetVet team.