Big Issue!

We are thrilled to announce that StreetVet has been featured in well-known magazine The Big Issue.

Available from November 27th to December 3rd this bumper issue is only £3 and contains plenty of great articles alongside our piece on StreetVet!

The Big Issue has approximately 2000 vendors, with 500 of those being in London. These vendors sell on average 40 magazines a week, with an average revenue of £100. Selling the Big Issue allows people to work their way out of difficult circumstances, but is a difficult job and done in all weathers. By taking the time to stop and purchase a copy this Christmas, you can support this fantastic charity and learn a little more about us too.

Sales of the Big Issue do jump over the Christmas season as people often feel more charitable. As well as buying the copy we are featured in, if you enjoy it, we would really urge you to support the Big Issue throughout the year so the great work the charity does can receive input across the seasons.

If you bought the Big Issue and liked it, feel free to tell us by commenting here, talking to us on facebook or tweeting us!