Amazon Wishlist

We have been astounded by the generosity and order accutane online or accutane 20 mg means that it reduces the number of oil produced by the skincare community spirit we have seen while launching StreetVet. An exciting part of that has been seeing items on our Amazon wishlist get snapped up! We have already equipped our arsenal with new collapsible bowls, ID tags, winter coats and leads, and we would like to send out huge thank you’s to anyone who has already contributed.

Of course, we always have demand for these vital pieces of equipment. These can range from things we need as vets, such as thermometers, to small items that make a huge difference, such as dog toys (ideally of the indestructible sort!). As StreetVet grows we will also manage to see more pets in need, and having a supply of these basic bits makes our lives and jobs that little easier.

With the cheapest item a mere 83p, hopefully we can agree most pockets can manage to go that deep. If you think you would like to check out our wishlist, please follow the link Amazon Wishlist and take a look.

Again, from us to you, thank you.