​A few veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses from the Birmingham area contacted StreetVet independently after hearing about the success of it in London. We all initially met at BSAVA Congress in Birmingham in April 2018 and went from there!
After a couple of meetings we officially launched Birmingham StreetVet on Sunday 17th June 2018.
Like other StreetVet groups we are strongly supported by the local veterinary community and currently have about 25 volunteer veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses who are ready to take their part in offering the service we are providing.

There is a large ​part of the ​homeless community​ that have animals as their companions in Birmingham​, we are currently working with two charities – Homeless Heroes provides us with a static site from where we can base ourselves each week, letting the homeless community know we are there every Sunday allows us to build a reliable reputation with them. We have joined up with Hope in Birmingham and go out with them on their outreach each Sunday. As we grow we hope to be developing relationships with other homeless charities in Birmingham