StreetVet was born in 2016, inspired by the incredible bond between a homeless man, Gary, and his dog Lola. Victims of the UK homelessness epidemic often have scant support, except for, in a growing number of cases, the companionship of their pets. Some have had their pets since before losing their homes. Others had the responsibility of pet ownership thrust upon them. Irrespective, the bond between many homeless people and their dogs is profound, such that their pets’ wellbeing is a life-shaping priority. Now our ever increasing number of volunteers can help, by providing accessible fundamental vet care.

StreetVet vets and nurses, working with Streets Kitchen and other organisations, are out in the London community at least 4 days a week. In the past year we have helped care for over 80 street dogs. We have vaccinated and microchipped; treated for fleas and protected against lungworm; prescribed pain relief and helped fight infections; performed surgeries; and sometimes just sat and listened.

We are out in the community at least 4 days a week. To date we have treated over 200 dogs
(and a few cats!) 
Today we operate in London, Brighton , Bristol and Cambridge and expect to expand . .

Now we need your support to help us care for more of the Lola’s in this world. Today we operate in London alone but we expect to expand to other parts of the UK in the near future.  Want more information? Please follow us on social media or email us.


This lady is one of the kindest lady’s I’ve ever met. I’m a homeless man that has been living in my car with my beloved dog as I couldn’t bear to give her up. I came across Jade through a homeless shelter and she has helped me more than words can describe. I have my dog and have found a charity that will house me and Huni, all thanks to Jade. Please, please share what she does as we need to help her cause with funding that will help others like me and Huni. Whether it means sharing on Facebook, or calling your local radio station, let’s try and give something back as this kindness has to carry on. It’s saving lives. Thank you Jade you’re an inspiration.

Dean Lester Coleman

Emmaus Hertfordshire, a homeless charity that houses 35 former homeless people, commends the work, time and compassion that Jade has shown to 3 of our companions (residents) and their pets – which include 2 dogs, 1 snake and a scorpion!! Nothing seems to faze this woman!!  There is little help if any for the homeless who have pets and what Jade and Street Vet are doing is an amazing job, giving up their time and expertise to care for these animals and giving reassurance to their owners that their pets will be taken care of and at no cost to them.  Street Vets a wonderful organisation that Emmaus Hertfordshire are happy to help and support in any way possible.

Emmaus Hertfordshire

“We first met Rob (name changed for confidentiality reasons) at the beginning of September. After renting a flat locally for the last few years he had been asked to leave. At this point he had also been told that his dog would have to be put down so was in a very emotional state.

We were able to arrange StreetVet to come out and meet Rob and his dog at our Support Centre. Jade was extremely professional and compassionate; being able to meet the medical needs of the dog but also work with Rob to look at other accommodation options.

 Thankfully, Rob found accommodation for both him and his dog and the dog no longer needed to be put down. We can’t thank StreetVet’s swift intervention enough and would highly recommend them. It’s great to work in partnership with such passionate people.”

Glynn Trebble

Rough Sleeping Prevention Service Manager New Hope

The Team