Win a pet portrait by Hercule Van Wolfwinkle

We are delighted that the legendary Hercule Van Wolfwinkle has offered his artistic skills to support StreetVet, giving you the chance to win a signed Hercule original, hand drawn pet portrait of your pet.

Tickets cost just £2 and, when you enter, you’ll be helping to fund essential veterinary care for the pets belonging to people experiencing homelessness.

To be in with the chance of winning one of his “true to life” pet portraits simply purchase your preferred number of entries at £2 per ticket.

The 3 lucky winners will be announced live on Wednesday 19th May 2021 at 8pm. We’ll get in touch to tell you if you’ve won. It’s as simple as that.

Hercule Van Wolfwinkle

Hercule’s artist talent was realised one summer afternoon in 2020 when, whilst trying to coerce his young son into making some thank you cards, he doodled a picture of their family dog. The picture was rubbish, so naturally he stuck it on Facebook. Little did he know that post would go viral and his work would soon be in high demand

Welcome to StreetVet

Homelessness is a growing problem in the UK and an increasing number of homeless people have dogs. The bond between many homeless people and their dogs is profound and the health and wellbeing of their canine companions is often a major priority for their owners.

Life on the streets makes it difficult to access the fundamental vet care required to ensure the health and vitality these dogs deserve. StreetVet is a registered practice with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and has been established by a dedicated team of professional vets and veterinary nurses to bring that essential care to homeless people and their dogs across the capital. Together the StreetVet team take their experience out onto the streets of ever expanding locations, seeking out people; their dogs living rough, and delivering care and support required to ensure their combined wellbeing.

Combined with the critical support of a host of renowned organisations backing our team of qualified professionals, StreetVet is changing the future for homeless dogs who may otherwise have to go without the care they need and deserve.

How to support us

From donating money to fund our work, to purchasing items on our Amazon Wishlist or notifying us of a dog and its owner in need, there are many ways for you to support our programme.

How your support will be used

We will use everything you give – in cash or kind – to provide much needed care to the homeless and their dogs across the cities in which we are active. This includes buying medications; paying for life saving operations; and equipping our team with the kit they need.  

The impact your support will have

By supporting StreetVet your donations will fund an increase in our outreach so we can have more vets on the streets helping more people and dogs in need. By enabling us to deliver this much needed programme, we can ensure people without the resources to care for their pets can continue enjoying the critical companionship their dogs provide.

What we do

  • Health checks and vaccinations

    Detecting issues early to reduce their impact on wellbeing and health.
  • Owner Education

    Informing owners about key elements required to care for the pet

  • Prescription and follow up

    Providing an accessible source of veterinary medicines and monitoring each dog’s progress after treatment
  • Preventative medicine

    Safeguarding every dog’s security by reducing the risk of disease, infection and harm
  • Surgery

    Surgery: Performing operations as required including neutering, dentals, lump removals and referring on to specialists as required
  • Daily essentials

    Dog food, leads, blankets, collars and toys – we provide the necessities every owner needs for day to day life with their pet


StreetVet can, in certain circumstances, help with temporary foster to allow owners to access services i.e hospital stay

How to help

The many ways you can help us
  • Amazon Wishlist

    Our online wishlist contains a huge range of items that can help us improve the care we provide across the capital. This is a great way to buy a specific item to support our programme so you can see exactly how your donation is being used.
  • Become a StreetVet

    If you are a qualified vet or veterinary nurse and want to become part of our growing team please apply here.
  • Notify us of a dog in need

    If you know of or have seen a homeless dog and its owner in need of a StreetVet visit please let us know by emailing